Jack McGann is 'in a great position to challenge for the British title very soon, talks ongoing with the board.’

Jack McGann is ‘in a great position to challenge for the British title very soon, talks ongoing with the board.’

Jack McGann not fighting this Saturday due to a hand injury, but would take the Josh Kelly to fight for the British if ordered by the Board.

Alfie Warren has exclusively laid out the upcoming fight plans for Jack McGann to NoSmokeSport.com.

He has revealed that the team have guided McGann into a great contender position, all without the backing of a leading promotional outfit.

‘There’s a lot of options for Jack now, he’s in a fantastic position now that we’ve put him in without a major promoter.’

The main priority for McGann, Warren informs us, is to challenge for the British super-welterweight title, as soon as possible.

‘He’s firmly in a great position to challenge for the British very, very soon and there are talks ongoing with the board.’

The British Boxing Board of Control had ordered an eliminator bout with Lee Cutler, fresh off the back of a successful win over Stanley Stannard on Chris Billam’s Smith crowning victory for the world cruiserweight title, against Hackney’s Lawrence Okolie.

‘Fred spoke to Steve Bendall about that and the Warren Boxing Management team think they’re (Lee Cutler and his team) going another way.’

Another option is to pursue the IBO rankings route. Kieran Gething is fighting for an IBO trinket against fellow Welshmen, Sion Yaxley, this weekend.

 Talks have been ongoing with Gething’s team and promoter, Mo Prior – who also promotes Warren Boxing Management shows.

‘The Warren Boxing Management team have been speaking to Kieran Gething with Mo Prior. We were trying to get that fight made at the Shankly hotel but it fell apart.’

The Shankly Hotel has previously hosted a McGann headlining bill to great aplomb. The show, as is often the case with McGann’s fights, was attended by Scouse acting royalty, Stephen Graham.

But, for now, the focus is on a tilt at Josh Kelly’s British super-welterweight title. And news in that direction is expected imminently.

‘The Warren Boxing Management team should have news on his next fight now.’

As for Saturday’s scheduled contest at York Hall, it’s now off the table due to a hand injury picked up by the Liverpudlian fighter.

Warren Boxing Management was simply, and understandably I hasten to add, reluctant to put McGann into a tune-up, with so many big fight options on the table.

Whilst Alfie added that McGann’s IBO European wasn’t even going to be on the line for the Neilson-promoted show.

‘He pulled out of his fight this weekend. He wasn’t even going to be defending the IBO, it was gonna be a little run-out but he had a little twinge in his hand.’

Alfie ended the lowdown on McGann’s plans by stressing the ease in which a fight with Josh Kelly could be made for the British, if the Sunderland pugilist opts against a decision to relinquish the belt, in favour of world-ranking fights.

‘I know Josh Kelly is the holder, I don’t know how long he is gonna be holding on to it. If the Board do order that with Kelly, no problems on our end.’

McGann certainly has a wealth of options. He has the IBO European he can defend, potentially against Kieran Gething, depending on whether he successfully overcomes the tricky dangerman, Yaxley.

Alternatively, Alfie stressed that the position he is in with the Board for the British is strong. Kelly is expected to give up his title.

However, if he does decide to keep it and make a defence, it’s reassuring to know that the Warren Boxing management team would make that fight happen in a heartbeat.

By Harry Duffy

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