Isaac Chamberlain's Challenging Pursuit To Boxing Success

Isaac Chamberlain’s Challenging Pursuit To Boxing Success

In 2019, Isaac Chamberlain quoted his own personal writing on his Twitter page, offering an insight into his mental state and his innermost feelings. Those thoughts revealed that he was grappling with the concept of hell and ruminating upon how being out of the ring had felt like hell to him. 

 “Hell is a perception. Or perhaps it’s a nightmare. For some people fighting is hell. For me, inactivity has caused me more depression and made me drown in my own perception of hell,” Isaac Chamberlain wrote. 

Isaac Chamberlain’s Boxing Success

Isaac Chamberlain, who previously fought in a multi-championship contest with Chris Billam-Smith, is set to face Mikael Lawal for the British cruiserweight title at the Vitality in Bournemouth, on Billam-Smith’s hometown stadium show. Chamberlain had called for this fight after Lawal caused David Jamieson to retire with a broken jaw in November last year.

Chamberlain had faced long periods of inactivity, which had a negative impact on his mental health. However, he has now made a comeback and his overflowing excitement, seen when he interrupted Lawal’s post-fight interview, highlights his love for boxing.

This showcases how one can overcome tough times, and Chamberlain’s successful comeback is a testament to that. As a co-host of the ‘Fight On’ podcast with professional boxer Jordan Latimer, I can personally attest to the accuracy of Chamberlain’s definitions of hell based on my own experiences and conversations with boxing guests.

Hell is a perception. If misfortune and dire circumstances befall us, our despairing perceptions of the world we presently live in will seem like a form of hell. That seems bleak and inescapable until you realize Chamberlain also said in a Guardian interview about that social media post that “If you feel you’re in hell right now, why would you stay there? That’s why it’s very important to keep going and keep pushing, no matter what life throws you.”

Chamberlain has kept going and kept pushing and has shown you can make it out of hell. Now he is reaping the benefits of lonely graft in the gym and got himself back in contention and back in big fights.

By Harry Duffy

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