Heather Hardy Defeats Cardoso, Serrano Rematch Verbally Agreed

Heather Hardy Defeats Cardoso, Serrano Rematch Verbally Agreed

Heather Hardy, Brooklyn born and raised, defeated the Brazilian, Taynna Cardoso through a majority decision (78-74, 77-75, 76-76) in their lightweight contest as she moved to a record of 24 wins and 2 defeats, which includes one loss to Amanda Serrano. 

Hardy is one of the primary flagbearers of women’s boxing and set a breakneck speed in the contest, promoted by BoxingInsider, as soon as the first bell sounded and forced Cardoso into retreat mode.


As the fight unfolded, Cardoso showed a game willingness to match the tenacity of Heather Hardy’s movements. As the Brooklyn boxer fought at close quarters grinding to victory through an attritional game plan, Cardoso made it a live match by countering with incisive uppercuts and short-range hooks.

It was a performance from Hardy that staked her claim as a championship fighter, mostly in the sense that she would bring an entertainment factor if the Cardoso win is anything to go by. 

On the subject of Serrano, Hardy indicated that Serrano had already given her word that a rematch will happen whilst accepting the precedence given to Serrano’s decision to rematch Katie Taylor first.

‘She got her rematch against Katie, no disrespect, champs fight champs. But she’s from Brooklyn, word means everything. She gave it me, so back in the gym on Monday.’

While it remains to be seen whether Serrano will stay at lightweight after the Taylor rematch in Dublin, a rematch with Heather Hardy could still be a lucrative prospect for Serrano. Both fighters are based out of Brooklyn and are trailblazers for female boxing. It is hard to argue against a repeat of their 2019 fight being upgraded from the Madison Square Theater to the main arena. 

By Harry Duffy

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