Floyd Mayweather Money by name, money by nature

Floyd Mayweather: Money by name, money by nature

Floyd Mayweather has a storied career, as arguably the best to ever step into the squared circle. Next weekend, he fights in the UK for the first time at the o2 arena in London against Aaron Chalmers, of Geordie Shore fame.

Floyd Mayweather has justified his decision to carry on with lucrative exhibitions as a quest to create ‘generational wealth’, which is something I’ve celebrated with YouTube star, ManLikeIsaac on his 2022 round-up of the year. Here I take a look at the legacy of that expression on Floyd’s career in more detail.

Floyd Mayweather Success In and Out The Ring

First things first, Mayweather’s success is a partly hereditary tale. He inherited his fighting vocation from his father, as well as (by his own admission) a ‘hustler’ mentality. So, it’s in the DNA of Floyd to build upon the boxing dynasty started by his father and to secure generational wealth, a.k.a feeding your family for lifetimes to come.

Secondly, it’s important to recognise that the opulent lifestyle of extravagant wealth that he emits, is quintessentially a Las Vegas boxing narrative. He is the first fighting influencer in a sense because of this, as he is selling the dream to his fans. Work hard and reap the rewards. And those rewards are reaped by not only himself, but his wider family and circle, and their offspring and so on and so on. That’s how he became the face of boxing while generating generational wealth.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that he has often been vilified because he uses his displays of wealth as a taunt to opponents, and most notoriously to U.K fight fans, he did this to Ricky Hatton (the build-up to the Mayweather Hatton fight is documented on Sky Sports Boxing’s On Demand service in the ‘Money & The Hitman’ programme).

However, I don’t personally see Floyd Mayweather as a villain for doing this. Instead, I see an inspirational vision of generational wealth being used to ‘influence’ the next generation of boxers from disadvantaged and marginalised communities to do the same.

By Harry Duffy

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