Eddie Hearn Reveals HEATED Katie Taylor Confrontation In Boston, "Do You Think That's Fair?"

Eddie Hearn Reveals HEATED Katie Taylor Confrontation In Boston, “Do You Think That’s Fair?”

Eddie Hearn signed Katie Taylor in 2016 when women’s boxing wasn’t really existent at all in the UK market.

A move which was heavily criticised at the time, Taylor was given star treatment from debut and fast-tracked towards a world title.

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Last April, Taylor and Amanda Serrano sold out Madison Square Garden in their mega fight and earlier this year, Taylor broke all records at the 3Arena for her Undisputed vs Undisputed fight with Chantelle Cameron.

In hindsight, clearly a good move for Matchroom but the journey wasn’t always as easy.

Taylor fought on undercards for a long time, not being paid as well as she would’ve liked, even when she was the biggest star of the show and one of those occasions was in 2018 when she dominated Cindy Serrano in Boston, USA.

Eddie Hearn Describes Katie Taylor Conversation Morning After Boston Fight

“She fought in Boston”, Hearn told The Overlap, “And we turned up and she basically sold the whole place out”.

“She was fighting 3 from the end and when she walked out, the place was absolutely ().”

Tevin Farmer and Demetrius Andrade were the two fighters ahead of her and neither have particularly strong fan bases.

“She sold the tickets, afterwards (after the fight) they all left.”

The announced 6,784 crowd in the heavily Irish-populated Boston all came out for Taylor rather than the two male world title fights.

“The next morning we’re at breakfast and she (Taylor) comes over, ‘Can I talk to you a second?'”

“Can I ask you how much Tevin Farmer (he was on afterwards) got paid last night?” Taylor asked Hearn

“And it was about 3x what she got,” Hearn revealed. Despite Taylor being the biggest attraction on the show, she wasn’t paid her value.

“Do you think that’s fair? Because I think I sold all the tickets last night and I think everyone tuned in to watch me so how can I be getting so much less than this guy”

By Darshan Desai