Eddie Hearn FIRES BACK At Frank Warren, "You're Always Gonna Get Attacked By Small Hall Promoters"

Eddie Hearn FIRES BACK At Frank Warren, “You’re Always Gonna Get Attacked By Small Hall Promoters”

  • Jessica McCaskill Made Comments Linking Failed Drugs Test To Eddie Hearn Fighters Coming To The End Of Their Contracts
  • Rival Promoter Frank Warren Followed Up On Those Accusations Yesterday Hinting Baumgardner Failed A Test Conveniently When She Was Going To Allegedly Sign With Jake Paul
  • Eddie Hearn Has Now Fired Back On The Accusations Made By Warren Labelling Him A “Small Hall Promoter”

Alycia Baumgardner tested positive for Mesterolone in a Drug-Free Sports test taken on July 12, three days before her fight with Christina Linardatou. The result took almost a month to be returned.

Undisputed champion Jessica McCaskill went on ‘ThaBoxingVoice’ on Thursday to discuss Baumgardner’s failed test and seemed to suggest that Matchroom may have played a part in the adverse analytical finding.

In comments that have since been retracted, McCaskill insinuated that Baumgardner having one fight left with Eddie Hearn and set to leave him was potentially linked with her returning an adverse analytical finding.

Eddie Hearn BLASTS Jessica McCaskill’s Comments, “The Most Defamatory Thing I’ve Ever Heard”

Frank Warren seemed to make similar comments without leaving himself in such a risky a position legally as McCaskill.

Frank Warren On Alycia Baumgardner’s Failed Test: “What I Found Concerning Was Apparently She, Allegedly, Was Going To Leave Matchroom”

“What I found concerning is that she allegedly was going to leave Matchroom and go and sign with JP.

“So you look into that which way you want.”

Eddie Hearn Responds To Frank Warren

Eddie Hearn obviously did not take such accusations lightly and responded venomously to Frank Warren in an interview with NoSmokeSport.

“When you can’t win, you’ve got to make things up to win”, Hearn told NoSmokeSport, “I guess we’re kind of at that stage now but we’ve been at that stage for a long time.”

Hearn claims that his rival has to make accusations up to compete with Matchroom because they cannot do so on the quality of shows.

“People say some crazy things, Frank’s pretty desperate so he’s going to say some crazy things as well.”

“If we said that about Frank I’m sure we’d get a legal letter within 30 (minutes).”

The Matchroom chairman has been pretty vocal about the legal back-and-forth between Matchroom and Queensberry in recent years claiming their hindered relationship is down to constant legal letters from QP.

“I don’t want to be rude but you’re always going to get attacked by small hall promoters so you just come to expect it.”

By Darshan Desai

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