Eddie Hearn RIDICULES Simon Jordan over Turki-Al Sheikh

Eddie Hearn RIDICULES Simon Jordan over Turki Alalshikh

In a recent interview, Eddie Hearn mocked Simon Jordan after Jordan and his co-host Jim White spoke to His Excellency, Turki Alalshikh earlier today. Jordan responded to Hearn, furthering their longstanding feud.

It is no secret that Eddie Hearn and Simon Jordan do not see eye-to-eye, with TalkSPORT hosting an entire hour-long debate between the two a year ago, with one of the main points of debate being the ongoing Conor Benn PED drama.

Jordan is not one to bite his tongue, and has previously locked horns with Frank Warren over Saudia Arabia’s recent entry to, and shake up of, the boxing world, when he said, ‘Without wanting to pee on you parade, which is why you’re becoming a little bit prickly about it, it did lack atmosphere, it did feel like it came across with a lack of atmosphere.’

To which Warren replied, ‘You’re just peeing on an event, which was a good event, you’re just looking for a problem in the event, that’s how it is with you.

Eddie Hearn Clashes with Simon Jordan

On TalkSPORT earlier today, Turki Alalshikh called into Simon Jordan and Jim White’s show, and spoke on the upcoming 5v5 card, featuring match-ups like Deontay Wilder vs Zhilei Zhang, Raymond Ford vs Nick Ball, Ammo Williams vs Hamzah Sheeraz, Filip Hrgovic vs Daniel DuBois and Craig Richards vs Willy Hutchinson.

Toward the end of his call-in, Turki invited the two hosts to Saudi Arabia this weekend to see the card live, an offer which White accepted, but Jordan did not, seemingly due to other commitments.

More recently, Eddie Hearn was asked by IFL about this interaction between the TalkSPORT hosts and Turki, to which he said, ‘Turki stuck it on the toes of Jim White and Simon Jordan and obviously they melted.’

Hearn said, ‘He comes on TalkSPORT, who have been slagging the whole new vision of boxing off for so long and all of a sudden it’s ‘Oh hello your Excellency’.’

Jordan has been quick to respond to Hearn’s criticisms, tweeting the following:

Simon Jordan has made his feelings on Hearn clear, referring to him as ‘the snake oil’.

Many fans praise the new involvement of Saudi Arabia in boxing, and the big fights it has resulted in, while others feel with the spotlight on Riyadh, other territories are being neglected.

With rumours of another 5v5 card in the works, billed as USA vs Mexico, it is clear Saudi Arabia’s involvement in boxing is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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