Ed Matthews Vs Blueface Wildcard Fight Announced

Ed Matthews Vs Blueface Wildcard Fight Announced

Ed Matthews vs Blueface ‘Wildcard’ fight announced by KingPyn for their April 22nd stacked card at Wembley Arena, London.

The announcement may come as a surprise to some but not to those who saw Ed (unofficially) announce this fight on Instagram just a few days ago. TikTok influencer Ed Matthews vs rapper Blueface has now been officially announced for KingPyn’s April 22nd card at Wembley Arena.

Who are Ed Matthews and Blueface?

Ed Matthews is a notorious TikToker known for posting videos of himself speaking to women in public or on TikTok where he ‘drops game’ on them and attempts to date them.

Mathews has previously had a well-known feud with a fellow TikTok creator Simple Simon. Their back and forth eventually escalated, leading to a boxing match where Ed Matthews scored a KO victory over Simple in just one round.

Meanwhile, Blueface, a well-known influencer and rapper, has also had an influencer boxing match against TikToker KaneTruJild. Although this was no ordinary boxing match, as it featured a circular ring, Blueface won unanimously after just 3 rounds of action.

Could more fights be added to the first Kingpyn tournament show?

This announcement today confirms that there could potentially be more fights added after the ones on the April 22nd card.

So far there are 9 fights that could be on the card if all of the matchups (4 from each gender bracket) and the Ed Matthew’s vs Blueface fight occur on that first night of action. With each showdown lasting 4 rounds, and of course a fifth deciding round should there be a draw, it paves the way for more breathing room for more fights compared to traditional boxing shows. It also allows for many more fights to be on one single card compared to traditional boxing shows, where bouts are rarely shorter than 6 rounds.

Ultimately, this means that we could see one or two more fights added to this card before it actually happens. Although we are fast approaching the fight night in less than 3 weeks, any further additions (although possible) will be unlikely now.

By Owen Yard

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