"When You Put It On Dubois Enough, He'll QUIT", Dominic Ingle On Usyk vs Dubois 'Low Blow' Controversy

“When You Put It On Dubois Enough, He’ll QUIT”, Dominic Ingle On Usyk vs Dubois ‘Low Blow’ Controversy

  • Daniel Dubois Floored Oleksandr Usyk In Round 5 Of Saturday’s Heavyweight Title Fight
  • The Referee Ruled The Shot A ‘Low Blow’ In A Decision Which Has Divided Public Opinion
  • Ingle On Usyk vs Dubois: Even If The Shot Was Ruled Legal, Usyk Would’ve Come Through It

Oleksandr Usyk halted Daniel Dubois in the 9th round of Saturday’s unified Heavyweight title fight in front of more than 35,000 fans in Wroclaw, Poland.

Usyk, NoSmokeSport‘s P4P #3, retained his WBA, IBF and WBO championships with a first win inside the distance in almost four years against his WBA mandatory.

But the big talking point came four rounds before when Dubois landed a shot that would go on to divide public opinion and dominate the boxing conversation in the last few days.

Footage Of The Controversial Shot In Round 5
Two Images From Two Different Angles At Two Different Points, Do You Think The Punch Was Legal?

Dubois floored Usyk in the fifth with a shot on the beltline that was ruled a ‘low blow’ by referee Luis Pabon.

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The Ukrainian champion was offered five minutes of rest and he took almost every second.

Opinion is split on whether the shot was indeed legal and a significant number of fans and experts alike are screaming ‘robbery’, claiming the punch was legitimate and Dubois should be the rightful victor.

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Trainer Ingle On Usyk vs Dubois ‘Low Blow’

Dominic Ingle believes that the punch was a legal shot but even if it was ruled as such, it wouldn’t have made an impact on the fight.

“Let’s ask this question”, Ingle rhetorically asked Boxing King Media in a hypothetical scenario if the fifth-round controversial punch was ruled a knockdown, “Would Usyk have got up?”.

“The answer to that question is Usyk would’ve got up and he would’ve got through that round.”

“He’s got enough footwork to move, and if he’d have got up and found himself in a position where he wasn’t quite recovered, you know what he would’ve done? He’d have gone down again on one knee.”

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The Sheffield-based trainer insisted that even if the shot was ruled a knockdown, it wouldn’t have led to a win for the Brit and Usyk would’ve weathered the storm.

Ingle was then asked if he could be sure of that with Dubois being a tremendous finisher and more than 2 minutes remaining in the round.

“Usyk is a very clever fighter and he knows that when you put it on Dubois enough he’ll quit.”

Ingle and fans in the aftermath of Uysk’s ninth-round victory have reached the conclusion that Dubois is prone to giving up in fights when it gets tough.

“He might be a good finisher against substandard opponents but he’s not going to be a good fighter against somebody like Usyk especially when he’s been playing it safe for a couple of rounds as well.”

Ingle believes that Dubois’ approach in the first four rounds was cautious and risk-averse despite pre-fight, Dubois insisted that he would take the risks that Anthony Joshua didn’t take and he would ‘put it on’ Usyk.

By Darshan Desai

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