Derrick James Is Suing Errol Spence Jr. For More Than $5,000,000 In Unpaid Trainer Fees

Derrick James Is Suing Errol Spence Jr. For More Than $5,000,000 In Unpaid Trainer Fees

Derrick James has filed a lawsuit against Errol Spence Jr. in Dallas County, Texas, claiming a breach of their payment agreement and seeking compensation for unpaid training services.

James, a world renowned boxing trainer, alleges that their original agreement entitled him to 10% of Spence’s guaranteed fight purses, including pay-per-view (PPV) revenue, which typically forms part of a fighter’s income at higher levels of the sport.

Key points from Derrick James’s lawsuit include:

  • Claim for Unpaid Compensation: James asserts that Spence failed to fully compensate him according to their agreement, especially after Spence started fighting on pay-per-view.
  • Professional Relationship and Trust: The suit details the trust and bond developed over the years, with James serving not only as Spence’s trainer but also as a mentor and friend, offering extensive support without direct compensation during Spence’s early career.
  • Specific Dispute Over Payment: The disagreement peaked following the Terence Crawford fight, which was a major event with significant earnings. James claims he was underpaid for this and possibly other fights.
  • Requests: James seeks over $5,000,000 in damages, a full accounting of Spence’s earnings related to their agreement, and punitive damages for the alleged breach and fraudulent practices.
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Full Breakdown Of Derrick James-Errol Spence Jr. Legal Dispute

Dallas, TX — Derrick James, a well-known boxing trainer, has filed a lawsuit against former world champion Errol Spence Jr., alleging that Spence failed to honour a longstanding payment agreement that included a share of pay-per-view (PPV) revenues. The legal battle is filed in the 491st Judicial District Court of Dallas County, Texas.

The lawsuit reveals a deep-rooted relationship that began in Spence’s amateur days and flourished as he ascended the ranks of professional boxing with James by his side.

James claims that the agreement entitled him to 10% of Spence’s guaranteed fight purses, including PPV earnings—a common practice for top-tier fighters whose matches draw significant viewer numbers.

James accuses Spence of withholding full payment following several high-profile bouts, notably the much-anticipated fight against Terence Crawford, which reportedly guaranteed Spence at least $25 million.

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Despite the massive purse, James alleges he received only $350,000, leading him to suspect that Spence had not been transparent or fair in compensating him according to their agreement.

The suit details a long history of professional collaboration and personal loyalty, with James having supported Spence since his early career, even attending the 2012 London Olympics at his own expense. As Spence’s fame and earning power grew, so did the stakes of their financial arrangement, culminating in the current dispute.

James is demanding over $5 million in damages, $2,115,000 from Spence’s fight with Terence Crawford and at least $2,885,000 from Spence’s four other bouts on PPV.

He also seeks a court-ordered accounting of Spence’s earnings from fights covered by their agreement to determine the full extent of what he is owed.

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