Daniella Hemsley EXPOSES Kingpyn Boxing - Promoter ALLOWED For Her To Flash On The Show

Daniella Hemsley EXPOSES Kingpyn Boxing In Brutal Video – Promoter ALLOWED Her To Flash On The Show

Daniella Hemsley has released a scathing video revealing that her extremely controversial flashing incident was actually okayed by the Kinpgyn Promoter himself before the event.

Daniella Hemsley Flashing

After her victory over Ms. Danielka on the second Kingpyn Boxing show, Daniella proceeded to flash her breasts to the whole crowd and live audiences around the world. The people watching instantly took to online and argued whether it was a funny moment with no harm done or whether it was out-of-order and she should be punished for the incident.

Skip forward a couple of weeks after the event and Kingpyn announced that Daniella Hemsley would be no longer participating in the women’s bracket of their ‘High Stakes’ tournament. Daniella said she would be taking a step back from the boxing ring after this announcement.

Daniella Hemsley exposes Kingpyn

In a video released on her YouTube channel ‘Daniella Hemsley’ titled “They Gave Me Permission! Daniella Hemsley Flashing THE TRUTH”, Daniella goes on to explain that she wants to finally clear her name since she took the majority of the blame for the event.

After the quick intro, Daniella Hemsley goes on to reveal message exchanges between her and the Kingpyn CEO which went like this:
“I think you should. F*** it” In reply to Daniella saying she plans to do it in response to a video he sent her saying a clip of an athlete flashing went viral.
He also sent her a voice note saying: “Yeah you have my official approval, unofficially I didn’t say it, but officially yeah and it’s all good. Nah look it’s all good, I’ll just say I didn’t know what was going on, so you don’t get in trouble and I don’t get hassled about telling people or suggesting to people things to do”

After revealing this voice message, Daniella said a few days later the promoter was frantically calling her and blackmailing her over the phone due to him possibly losing the custody of his child that he’s been trying to get for the past three years. And forced her to accept the statement that Kingpyn published which she was not comfortable with.

Lastly, Daniella revealed that Kingpyn still has not paid her what was contracted to be owed. This lines up with many of the other accusations against Kingpyn recently involving other figures in the Influencer Boxing scene like Wade Plemmons and Faze Sensei.

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By Owen Yard