This evening, The latest episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored was aired, featuring Conor Benn on Talk Tv and YouTube. In an explosive and emotional interview Conor came out swinging in his defence of the drugs cheat allegations against him. Here were the key talking points;

Conor Benn broke his silence, regarding the two failed drug tests last year, on twitter last week with a 5 page post. Now, in a move sure to turn a few heads, he has sat down with Piers Morgan for his uncensored series on TalkTV with some shocking revelations!

On the verge of tears, Conor revealed how he wasn’t sure he could carry on or if he would see another day. When asked by Piers if he was, at times, suicidal Benn responded “Yeah id say so”. He revealed how his faith had failed him and said ” I feel like I was on death row for something I hadn’t even done”.

Talking about the backlash he has received on Twitter, Benn claimed it had been a “witch hunt” and said it would have been the easy way out for him to accept a 6 month ban. Benn said he didn’t want to take the easy way out and wanted to prove his innocence. He revealed he had been the subject of racist attacks on social media of not only himself but also his family. The abuse had led to sleepless nights and panic attacks.

Conor claims his first thought after the 2nd adverse finding was “who has done this to me” although still refuses to believe the drug was actually in his system. He claims he doesn’t agree with the WBC’s presumption that it could be due to his consumption of eggs. Benn claims contamination is the reason for the 2 failed tests although also stated it could have been an accident and is not claiming it was intentially done.

A point that was heavily raised by Piers was why, if he has 270 pages worth of evidence, has he not handed the document over to the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBoC). Conor responded that it was his pride that had stopped him from doing this after their handling of the situation and the misconduct charges bought against him by the board. When continuously probed on the document, Conor said he would love to put it in to the public domain but was being restricted to do so by his lawyers.

Conor stated that he doesn’t anticipate seeing himself fight in Britain any time soon. When probed Benn stated “My dad tore up his British boxing license on TV. I don’t have to be licensed by the board. I don’t plan on fighting in Britain any time soon”.

Benn confirmed he will be suing the board. He believes they have a vendetta against him. He said he will be suing for loss of earnings and damaged reputation because the board shouldn’t recognise VADA as they use UKAD.

Later in the interview Conor’s dad, Nigel Benn, joined the conversation. He claims he turned to drink and needed medication as himself found themselves in a dark, dark place! He stated if he thought he was guilty he would hang him out to dry himself.

A fight with veteran, pound for pound great Manny Pacquaio is the front runner for Benn’s comeback fight. The bout is likely to take place in Abu Dhabi in June with Sean Gibbons (Team Pacquiao) claiming discussions with Eddie Hearn and Matchroom were ongoing.

By Lee Browne

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