Conor Benn Underwhelmed By WBC Ruling, Believes The Reasons For His Innocence Were Not Clearly Reflected news

Conor Benn Underwhelmed By WBC Ruling, Believes The Reasons For His Innocence Were Not Clearly Reflected

WBC Allow Conor Benn To Continue With His Career But Do Not Properly Convey Benn’s Case, Per Hearn

The WBC issued a long overdue ruling on Conor Benn‘s failed drugs test last week. They found “no conclusive evidence” that Benn “engaged in intentional or knowing ingestion of clomiphene” and therefore reinstated the British boxer to their rankings.

The WBC is a sanctioning body and not a governing body and therefore does not issue licences. The BBBofC have made it clear that their investigation is still ongoing and at this point, it is likely Benn will have to box in another jurisdiction for the time being.

His promoter Eddie Hearn told the DAZN Boxing show that he believes Benn’s case was not properly conveyed by the WBC statement, despite that ruling being in his favour.

NoSmokeSport’s Thoughts About Conor Benn Being Cleared By WBC

“We weren’t over the moon with the release that came out because there’s a lot in a 270-page document that was ignored. We believe that Conor Benn is innocent but for many of the reasons that had nothing to do with what the WBC put out.”

The sanctioning bodies concluded that the Welterweight’s “highly-elevated consumption of eggs” was a reasonable explanation for his adverse finding; team Benn does not believe this tells the whole story.

“The levels in Conor Benn were a clear sign of contamination. Conor Benn’s reasoning for his innocence was not conveyed in the messaging of that report.”

“Conor wants to fight the world at the moment. Conor Benn is constantly being told by his legal advice ‘keep your mouth shut’ because there’s this ongoing case, you’re suing these people, and there’s an appeal process.”

Robert Dineen for the Mail on Sunday reported that Benn is planning to sue the BBBofC for his £3.5m purse. Benn blames the governing body for not giving him the opportunity to clear his name when other fighters have been given the chance to do so even when the test is a mandated UKAD test and not a voluntary test.

Dillian Whyte, for example, failed a drug test and participated in a hearing on the week of the fight, which cleared him to box. Benn claims he wasn’t provided with the same opportunity despite his failed test being revealed as early as 5 weeks prior to the BBBofC’s withdrawal of their sanction of Benn’s domestic super fight with Chris Eubank Jr.

It is not surprising that Benn is going this route as Matchroom and Wasserman’s joint statement issued when cancelling the Oct 8 DAZN PPV fight clearly indicated their disagreement with the BBBofC’s actions. “It is undeniable that the BBBofc’s decision to withdraw their sanctioning was procedurally flawed and without due process”

Speaking about Benn’s future, Hearn admitted that there was a chance the unbeaten 26-year-old’s next bout wouldn’t be in the UK. “We will now make a decision about where we will apply for a licence for Conor Benn to fight. We want to get him back in the ring probably in June.”

Should they go internationally in June, Matchroom is planning a show for Abu Dhabi on June 3, Edgar Berlanga’s debut with the promotional company is likely to land on June 24 in New York, and Hearn is also likely to stage a card on May 27 in London, which could be an option if Benn can box in the UK.

It is unclear who Benn will face next with Chris Eubank Jr activating his rematch clause against Liam Smith, a bout with Pacquiao has been touted recently.

By Darshan Desai

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