Callum Latimer Prepares for Exciting Dudley Debut

Callum Latimer Prepares for Exciting Dudley Debut

Callum Latimer is set to make his professional debut on July 19 at the Dudley Town Hall. Coming from the well-known Shoe-Box gym, this talented fighter will step into the ring at BCB Promotions ‘Summer Showdown.’

Fans and supporters are eager to see what Callum will bring to the professional stage. His training has been intense, and everyone is excited for his first big match.

20-Year-Old Callum Latimer Ready to Take Pro Boxing by Storm

Callum Latimer has been passionate about boxing since he was a child. Growing up in Corby, he followed a steady path as an amateur fighter, setting the stage for his professional debut. Starting at Kettering and later training at Burton Park ABC during his teenage years, Latimer built a strong foundation.

Despite reaching several semifinals, he felt his style was better suited for professioBoxing This Weekend: June 14 – 16, 2024 – Davis vs Martin, Billam-Smith, Subriel Matias, and MOREnal boxing. Now, at 20 years old, he’s eager to make a strong start in the paid ranks. With intense training and years of dedication, Callum is ready to show what he can do in the professional ring. He shared that he feels both excited and a bit nervous but knows he has trained hard for this moment.

Northampton Boxing Is In a Very Strong Place, with the Shoe-Box Gym Leading the Way

Moving to Northampton and the Shoe-Box gym has been a game-changer for Callum Latimer. The gym is buzzing with energy, especially after Ben Vaughan’s impressive victory over Dom Hunt in their British Title eliminator last Saturday. Callum feels inspired by this success and uses it as motivation for his own debut.

At 16, he began to take boxing seriously, dedicating himself fully to the sport. Callum admits that the experience in the gym has been invaluable, with each training session offering new learning opportunities. Despite the distance from Corby to Dudley, Callum is grateful for the supporters who will make the journey to see his debut.

He’s also excited to be part of a show headlined by Ben Collins that features unbeaten prospects like Conor Baker, Jasmin Harmitt, and Jamie Edwards. With such talent, the future of Northampton boxing looks bright, and exciting boxing events like these keep the enthusiasm alive.

The Shoe-Box Gym: A Breeding Ground for Champions

The Shoe-Box Gym is where many boxing dreams start to become real. It is known for producing top fighters who win in the ring. This gym, located in Northampton, is packed with athletes who train hard daily. Coaches here are very experienced and push each fighter to be their best. They focus on teaching important boxing skills, improving fitness, and building mental strength.

The gym feels like a family, with everyone supporting each other. This positive atmosphere helps boxers like Callum Latimer stay motivated. The trainings are tough but rewarding, preparing fighters for the big competitions. Talented boxers such as Ben Vaughan train here, showing that the Shoe-Box Gym is a place for future champions. It is no surprise that Callum feels confident and prepared for his debut, knowing he has the backing of such a strong and supportive community.


Callum Latimer is on the brink of an exciting new chapter as he prepares for his professional debut on July 19 at the Dudley Town Hall. With his hard work at the prestigious Shoe-Box Gym and support from his coaches and fans, Callum is set to make a memorable entrance into the world of professional boxing.

His journey from a passionate amateur in Corby to a promising professional in Northampton showcases his dedication and love for the sport. The future looks bright for this young fighter, and everyone eagerly waits to see him shine in the ring.