Bryce Hall Wins In BKFC 48 Debut 

Bryce Hall Wins In BKFC 48 Debut 

Bryce Hall did the unthinkable Friday night when he stepped into the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship ring, and he walked out with a win. 

Bryce Hall BKFC Debut

Many people called Bryce Hall crazy, saying he was out of his mind to step into the ring bare knuckle against Gee Perez, a 3-0 pro. But, Bryce believed in himself and it paid off. Within the first ten seconds of the fight, Bryce Hall dropped Perez with a nice right hand and put him down. But, credit to Gee, he did get up and finished out the round. 

Stepping into round two, Bryce was playing too smart, working the outside and using his footwork to move out of range. A smart move for an actual rookie of the sport. But, questions still loomed of what would happen if Gee caught Bryce Hall with a good shot, could he take it? 

Well, in the middle of round two, it happened. Bryce got cracked above the eye with a hard shot from Perez and the blood started leaking down. But, Bryce Hall didn’t back down. He continued to fight out the rest of the round. Then, things started to look bad for Gee Perez. 

In the corner between rounds two and three, it was clear Gee Perez was hurt. The corner was putting ice on Gee’s left arm and tried to keep the doctor away, but when the referee wanted to start the next round, Perez was still in the corner. He was hurt. The doctor took a look and deemed him too hurt to continue, thus causing the referee to call off the fight due ti injury. 

Bryce Hall gets his debut win via doctors stoppage. And by no means can we say that Bryce Hall was saved and didn’t earn the win. He certainly did. He dropped Gee, he took his best shot, ate it and continued to walk forward. Bryce Hall looked very good in his first Bare Knuckle encounter. A shame for Gee Perez, but Bryce Hall got the upset victory and shocked the world. 

Following the fight, Bryce Hall spoke at the press conference and said that there’s a possibility that we could see him back in BKFC again, but he’d love to work in the back end of the company and help BKFC behind the scenes. He admitted that it was way harder than he ever expected it to be. 

Bryce went on to say that he’d like to go back to influencer boxing and called out the likes of KSI, Deji and Austin McBroom. We’ll have to wait and see what the next steps are for the now undefeated Bare Knuckle Fighter, Bryce Hall. 

The event was headlined by the Inaugural Flyweight Championship bout, where former UFC veteran John Dodson picked up the win to become the new champion. 

By: Brady Alexander

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