Behzinga Vs Joe Weller - The Complete History, When Could The Fight Happen In 2024 And More

Behzinga Vs Joe Weller – The Fight Could Happen In 2024

Behzinga Vs Joe Weller is touted to be the next big Influencer Boxing clash after the monumental prime card

On True Geordies prime card reaction livestream, Joe Weller as the guest was asked if he’d make a comeback to influencer boxing, to which he showed he was keen on making a return, specifically stating he’d like to fight at the weight of 165lbs.

165lbs Is the current Misfits Boxing Middleweight weight class, with Slim Albaher as the current champion, which he claimed after his emphatic win over Salt-Papi. This division also includes other influencers such as Nichlmao, Deji, Alex Wassabi and Jarvis.

Despite Joe Weller previously stating on his ‘Wafflin’ podcast in 2020-2021 that his nose is so damaged that his doctor/surgeon advised him against boxing again, he seems to be on track to once again to enter the squared circle.

The history of Behzinga Vs Joe Weller

Although there is no major animosity between the two, there is some history to the story of them fighting:

  • Behzinga declined to do an interview with Joe after KSI Vs Logan 2, despite doing other interviews
  • Joe Weller called out Behzinga among others on a live stream
  • Behzinga discussed the potential of him fighting Joe Weller on his and hers podcast ‘Growing Paynes’
  • Joe Weller made a public wrestling-style video call-out specifically to Behzinga just this week

When Will Behzinga Vs Joe Weller Happen?

Behzinga Vs Joe Weller is most likely set to happen in early 2024, between February and April. This would give Behzinga plenty of time to get into boxing shape and plenty of time to train and prepare for a boxing match.

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By Owen Yard