LATEST: Amazon Deal "A Long Way Off For PBC" And Al Haymon "Not Interested" In Going To DAZN

LATEST: Amazon Deal “A Long Way Off For PBC” And Al Haymon “Not Interested” In Going To DAZN

  • Showtime Will Leave Boxing At The End Of 2023
  • PBC Are Actively Looking For A New Broadcaster
  • Latest On PBC’s Talks With Amazon And DAZN

It was confirmed on Tuesday, as long rumoured, that Showtime will leave boxing at the end of 2023 after thirty-seven years in the sport.

The exit from boxing comes five years after HBO’s as the two major US broadcasters in the sport for the last few decades both tip their hat to the pugilistic art.

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In recent years, Eddie Hearn and numerous other rivals have claimed Showtime was considering leaving the sport largely due to declining numbers so it comes as a slight surprise that the network leaves the sport at the end of their best run in years.

Where Will PBC Go Next?

Reporter Chris Mannix claimed, and ESPN’s Mike Coppinger has confirmed that there have been discussions between the PBC and Amazon for the tech giant to become the PBC’s future broadcast partner.

It has also been reported by ThaBoxingVoice and Coppinger that DAZN is another option for the PBC.

In a recent episode of Mannix’s podcast, the journalist updated, and Dan Rafael confirmed, that a potential deal between Amazon Prime and the PBC is far from completion.

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“Amazon, that’s a long way off,” Mannix said, “Amazon is not committing to any substantial at the moment.”

As for DAZN, Rafael believes that a deal with the streaming giant is certainly not the preferred option and might not be on the table at all.

“I don’t think that Al Haymon really wants to do a deal with DAZN. He’s not interested in going there.”

Multiple sources have told that a deal with Amazon is the absolute priority for the PBC.

By Darshan Desai