Callum Simpson Discusses Career Dreams and Next Fight with Boris Crighton

Callum Simpson Discusses Career Dreams and Next Fight with Boris Crighton

In this interview with NoSmokeSport, rising British boxer Callum Simpson discusses his upcoming fight against Boris Crighton on July 1st at the Manchester Arena. He expresses confidence in his ability to revitalize British boxing and make a name for himself as a prominent figure in the sport. Callum reflects on how British boxing isn’t as big as it was in the past, and he aspires to become a superstar from Britain.

Callum Simpson vs Boris Crighton

Callum is positive about his upcoming fight against Crighton, mentioning that he plans to finish the fight within the distance. He has been closely observing Crighton’s fights, including the one with Lyndon Arthur, and believes that he will perform even better. Callum also talks about his ambition to climb the rankings and fight for titles by the end of the year.

He attributes his current position not to luck but to the hard work he has put in since childhood. He acknowledges the support and exposure he has received from his manager, trainer, and media outlets like Boxing King Media. Callum asserts that his accomplishments are the result of hard work and the support of those behind the scenes.

In a final message to the audience, Callum Simpson promises thrilling fights and highlights that his past performances have all been exciting, with stoppage victories. He is determined to put on a memorable performance on July 1st and encourages everyone to tune in.

By NoSmokeSport