Anees Taj Promises To Bring Viddal Riley “To Hell” In Upcoming Rematch

In an interview NoSmokeSport, boxer Anees Taj discussed his upcoming rematch with Viddal Riley, scheduled for June 16th, 2023 at York Hall. Taj expressed confidence and asserted that he has analyzed the mistakes he made in their first bout which ended in a TKO victory for Riley due to a cut over Taj’s eye. Taj believes that Riley’s fitness was lacking in their initial encounter and challenges him to have addressed this weakness. He pointed out that in the first three rounds of their previous fight, it was evident that Riley was struggling with stamina.

Anees Taj Preps for a Fiery Rematch Against Viddal Riley

Anees Taj also touched upon the incident of the cut in their first match, suggesting that the doctor’s intervention may have been questionable. He felt that the doctor may have inadvertently worsened the cut, and multiple observers, including boxing experts, have shared this sentiment on social media.

Taj also brought up that the rematch was not Riley’s first or second choice, hinting at some behind-the-scenes information he is saving for the press conference. He also made it clear that he feels no obligation to respect Riley, as he feels Riley hasn’t shown him due respect. Taj aims to be more aggressive in the rematch, describing that he plans to bring Riley “to hell this time.”

He concluded the interview by stating that the fight is going to be hard and he hopes that Riley is prepared for what’s to come. Taj did not reveal any specific strategies but was firm in his conviction that he will be in a better position for this rematch.

By NoSmokeSport

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